"If you don't build your dream someone will hire you to help build theirs." -Tony Gaskins
Did you Know Real Estate has created More Millionaires than any other Business... Are you Ready to be one Of Them?
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  • Downloadable Direct Mail Template (inside track to generating leads quick)
  • Step-by-step explanation of our highly successful Direct Mail Approach
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This Dynamic Video Set will help you:
     Master an exclusive technique we have used countless times to produce amazing results for finding the flip deals that "NO ONE" else knows about. 
     Follow our simple "step by step" plan to source more deals and get your phone ringing with sellers who are motivated to sell!
     Learn how to gather the data to target the best possible Sellers!
     Learn how to become the area expert!
     Learn how to handle the phone calls and get the sellers to agree to your offer price!
     Learn how to handle the face to face meeting with the seller leads you generate!
     Learn how to get started Flipping homes with Little to No Money
     Learn the ins and outs of how to get going in this business with a few different lending/investing techniques.
     Achieve financial freedom and the life you have always dreamed of!
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    BONUS: Flip Tour Video
    • Learn how to complete a walk through checklist of your potential flip property!
    • Learn how to value the pro's and con's of a potential flip before you make an offer to purchase!
    • See a home tour from the eyes of the pros! 
    • Download a free walk through guide to help you thoughtfully make purchase or pass decisions!
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    What Do Others Think of our Products?
    “The Haworth Group Trainers helped my husband and I find our first investment property. Our strategy was to do a live in flip and sell in two years. With the Flipping Academy we learned what to look for when buying and how to budget which was the most important aspect. Lindsey was a great personal coach to learn from and we’re so anxious to find deal #2 with her guidance!”
    -Blesse Family
    “I've known and worked with Cody for years now on many flips. The step by step approach the Haworth Group teaches has helped me find and flip numerous homes over the years, I definitely recommend the Flip Academy”
    -D. Hudson
    "I went through this training and they coached me through my first flip! They taught me how to make a solid purchase rather than just how to buy a home. I highly recommend this training!"
    -D. Lawson
    AMAZING EXPERIENCE!!! So much information broken down and explained thoroughly! If I didn’t understand something - I was able to get on the phone with my coach to ask questions!! Highly recommended if you have ever thought about flipping! Quality information from coaches who genuinely care!
    -L. Arellanes
    Here's How This Training is Different & Why You Want these Videos
    We know what you're probably thinking...are they really going to give me the secrets to their business? Did they really spell it all out and do the hard work for me? Is this too good to be true?

    The answer is yes! We did it the research, the testing, the hard work for you! We tested what worked and what didn't. We spent a lot of money researching different techniques and products so that you don't have to spin your wheels trying to figure out how to source more deals and actually be able to close on those deals. 

    We aren't going to hype you up to make a ton of money and then only give you one piece to the puzzle we are going to give you the formula of exactly how we run our business and how we find the best OFF MARKET deals that no one else knows about. 
    Why are we Qualified to teach you?
    Together we have become experts at acquisition, renovation and transaction execution in one of the most competitive Real Estate markets in the country. We have successfully executed over $100 million worth of distressed residential real estate purchase and disposition properties over the last few years in San Diego County and Orange County. Over the years we have trained many Realtors and friends alike on the art of flipping homes. So whether you are a Realtor, an investor, or you just want to try your hand in home flipping we are here to guide you to financial freedom. Use our techniques to build the life you have always dreamed of.

    Don't let your FEARS stop you from being GREAT!
    Most people are held back by their own self doubt. We live in a society where we are constantly comparing ourselves to each other instead of going out and creating our own path. By being conditioned to this way of life we have limited our potential, personal growth and happiness. Lets face it most of us know what to do, but don't take the actions to follow through. Are you afraid to fail? If you are anything like us you are willing to get uncomfortable to achieve your goals.

    We are here to supply you with the resources, tools and strategies to master your craft. We are here to help keep you accountable in your endeavors and to help you through the ups and the downs of this business. Whether it has been your dream to have more financial stability , more time with your loved ones or more freedom to travel we are here to help you realize your goals. So take the leap we promise you'll see the value!
    What do you have to lose?
    Would you invest in yourself to better your future if you knew you had a team of people pushing you, holding you accountable, and teaching you the way? What do you have to be afraid of? 

    Take the leap.... If you have the motivation and drive we will guide you towards success!
    Hurry & Get EVERYTHING Below Today Before the Prices go UP!
    • Our top selling video lessons Mastermind Lead System and Get Started Flipping with Little to no Money (Sold on our online store for $200)
    • Downloadable Direct Mail Template (Inside Track to Generating Leads Quick)
    • Step-by-Step explanation of our highly successful Direct Mail Approach
    • Our Products are delivered immediately
    • Learn how to do a walk through checklist of your potential flip property!
    • Learn how to value the pro's and con's of a potential flip before you make an offer to purchase!
    • See a home tour from the eyes of the pros! 

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